Marvin’s Marvellous Mountain® is a complete programme methodology


It is proven to teach formation of all 26 cursive script letters by the end of Early Years Foundation Stage through a uniquely captivating, storytelling adventure.


Invite your class into Marvin’s world,


An immersive adventure story that allows them to learn their cursive letters almost as an enjoyable afterthought.


Take a look at the video above to hear the experiences of teachers who have tried the Marvin programme.

At Marvin’s Cursive Letters we have one main aim – ‘to let children enjoy learning their cursive letters whilst the teachers find it easy to teach them’

And judging by the continued feedback from teachers, pupils, parents, head teachers and governors alike it seems we are really succeeding.

Developed by a teacher at the thick of ‘the chalk face’, all the hard work of lesson preparation has now vanished and every teacher can enjoy the fun and ease with which the children learn their cursive letters.

Marvin the monkey is the star of the show and the children are captivated by him.  They love showing him their letter formation and getting their praise in return.  Through his adventure story the children become engrossed in his Marvellous Mountain journey and all the characters he meets on his way.

The programme has been designed with the delight of the children in mind and you’ve never seen such eagerness for a class in anticipation of a writing lesson!

“The childrens’ writing is phenomenal! We’ve really, really enjoyed delivering the programme. Just set up and you’re ready to go.”

All the tools are supplied to you in one complete programme consisting of Marvin himself, a colourful Flashcard Presenter with the illustrated character letters, a comprehensive Tutor’s Manual outlining everything you need to know about the programme, a Quick Start online tutorial to give you the overview of how to start teaching the programme quickly and you also get the comprehensive online tutorials so you can watch videos for effective teaching of this innovative programme.

The Tutor’s Handbook not only has all the rhymes and ditties which help the children to memorise correct letter formation but we’ve also added in Teacher Tips and Teaching Opportunities with suggestions for how to expand each letter’s theme into other areas of the Foundation curriculum to achieve their Early Learning Goals.

So, we’ve made it easy for you, huge fun for the children and with proven measurable results that will sway even the most ardent doubters as to the ability of Reception pupils to excel at cursive script letters.

What are you waiting for? Contact us right away to set up a meeting and get to see Marvin in action.

“Marvin has caused a hype in the school. The programme encapsulates everyone and helps with children who need interventions”

The programme offers:

Sue calling for Marvin.png

A sensory journey…

Activating all 3 senses for audio, visual and kinesthetic learning, leading to greater retention and independent recall


An adventure story…

That takes children on a journey with engaging stories, rhymes and actions for each letter’s formation, creating an environment that doesn’t feel like learning.

Still of Queen & girl from Chapter One (1).jpg

Proven success of ‘expected’ and ‘exceeding’ EYFS profiles.

Integrating learning of other elements of EYFS curriculum, including phonics and fine motor skills essential for fluidity of writing.


A ‘grab & go’ teaching programme.

With ready-made lesson plans & activities. No need for lesson preparation or streaming pupils into ability groups.

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Stimulating content.

This teaching programme not only engages children during lessons but gets them excited to come back and learn more.

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Advanced methodology.

No more reliance on directional arrows which are difficult to understand, or copy/draw techniques that don’t encourage independent recall.

Programme overview

Marvin’s Cursive Letters Ltd has as its Flagship product Marvin’s Marvellous Mountain® Learning Programme Methodology for the teaching of Cursive Script Letters at Early Years Foundation Stage for schools, tutors and educational establishments where this is taught in the English language.


What’s Included?

1. Marvin the Monkey - the soft toy teachers’ assistant at front and centre of the programme

2. A set of 26 unique alphabet flashcards in a flip-over Flashcard Presenter

3. A Tutor’s Handbook detailing the methodology for the successful teaching of the programme

4. Online Training Modules, each one expanding on the areas found in the Tutor’s Manual

5. Quick Start Training Overview, a short online module for the whole teaching faculty to become familiar with the Programme Methodology

Why are schools adopting this programme?

Children are learning through an Adventure story and with a captivating chap in Marvin the monkey leading them through the correct letter formation in a fun and easy way they all eagerly await the next lesson!

Each new letter is learned with visual story cards and an associated rhyme or ditty, plus a kinaesthetic action, so all learning modes combine to anchor the correct letter formation in the child’s mind.

“The children just can’t wait to show Marvin their letters”

It doesn’t matter what type of demographic mix you have in your Reception year: whether children have some letter formation picked up from Nursery teaching or whether they’ve never picked up a pencil ever before this programme gives each pupil a fun and engaging writing lesson experience.

Here’s couple of examples of why schools adopted the programme.


Parkfield School, Birmingham

700+ pupils, already rated Outstanding by Ofsted and had a writing programme designed by the Head which had been doing the job well for over 10 years.

So why look for something new? They wanted something easy and really fun for the children which potentially could also reach down into their feed-in Nursery. Reception Teacher Liz Lloyd

“The results have been phenomenal “ says Liz. “The children love the story and the different characters and really engage with Marvin.


North Marston School

A small rural village school. 100+ pupils, rated Good by Ofsted. They had highlighted on their School Development Plan that they wanted to improve their writing across the school. Reception Teacher Sam Manser couldn’t find any existing resources that would help her and was delighted with the comprehensive learning programme that Marvin’s Marvellous Mountain offered.

“Marvin is a great role model, he inspires the children to have a go. They see him as a real life being and they are just so enthusiastic about writing after meeting Marvin”. Sam says “You have all the resources you need to teach and it’s just so easy”.

“You have all the resources you need to teach and it’s just so easy.”

 Hi, I’m Marvin…

Your assistant on this exciting journey of teaching cursive script letters to your Reception children.

They’ll have fun learning their letters, following my Marvin’s Marvellous Mountain adventures and as a busy teacher you’ll find it so easy to use the programme.

With a ‘grab-and-go’ format, its fun and easy for children and teachers alike and you’ll be amazed at the results.

You won’t have to introduce the cursive writing methodology farther up the school – you’ll have already done it in Reception!